Panel proposal for ASEH2012

The Nature&Nation network has submitted a panel proposal for the next meeting of the American Society for Environmental History, to be held in Madison, Wisconsin, from the 28th to the 31st March 2012.

The prospective panel, titled Natural Symbols and National Identity in Russia, Britain and the United Arab Emirates, will be chaired by Wilko Graf von Hardenberg (Rachel Carson Center, Munich) and commentated by Marco Armiero (CNR, Naples & ICTA-UAB, Barcelona), organisers of the network’s first workshop in Trento and promoters of the network itself.

They will be joined by two other participants in the first workshop, Charles-Fran├žois Mathis and Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted, and by a new member of the network, Victoria Penziner Hightower (North Georgia College and State University).

Once more, the aim is to discuss the role over time of natural symbols in the construction of national identities. Zeisler-Vralsted plans thus to talk about the changing interpretations of the Volga River in modern Russia and of their role in identity-building. Mathis should instead talk about associationism and class issues in respect to the environmental issue and rhetorics of identity in 19th century Britain. Penziner Hightower’s talk will instead focus on the use of natural symbols to produce diverging messages for the international and the domestic audience in the United Arab Emirates.

The panel being accepted at ASEH2012 would represent a great opportunity for the Nature&Nation network to strengthen its outreach, welcome new interested scholars, and discuss in depth topics that represent a necessary link between cultural and environmental history.

We hope to be able to greet many of you on this occasion.

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