The network’s first workshop, held in Trento, September 15-17, 2010, focused on both the symbolic and practical uses that European nation-states have made of the environment and of natural resources since the Second Industrial Revolution. The general aim of the workshop was to obtain a good overview of the role of the modern nation-state and of nationalist discourse in the structuring, management and showcasing of nature/society interactions. The main issues at stake were:
– resource use and management
– nature conservation
– the role of states in front of natural disasters and calamities
rhetorical and symbolic uses of the natural world
- state vs. communities in the management, knowledge, and vision of nature
- war and appropriation of nature

We wanted to gather a variety of scholars, not only specialists in environmental history, but also political, cultural and social historians, historical geographers and historical anthropologists with an interest in nationalism, nature perception and/or symbolic politics.