Marco Armiero

Marco Armiero (Ph.D. in Economic History) is a Senior Researcher at the National Research Council, Italy and a Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He has been among the founders of the environmental history field in Italy, authoring, among other things, the first Italian textbook on the subject. His edited book “Nature and History in Modern Italy” will be published by the Ohio University Press in the next months. In the last few years he has been working at the Program in Agrarian Studies at Yale University, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at University of California at Berkeley, and the Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University. He is currently writing a book on mountains and the making of modern Italy for the White Horse Press.

Wilko Graf von Hardenberg

Wilko Graf von Hardenberg (Ph.D. in Geography) is a Postdoc Fellow PAT2007 at the Università di Trento and an Associated Researcher at the Laboratorio di Storia Alpina – Labisalp of the Università della Svizzera Italiana. In the past he has also been a postgraduate fellow at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. His research focuses on the social history of the environment in Italy and the alpine range, with a particular interest for conflicts about rights to access resources, the history of nature conservation and symbolic/rhetoric uses of nature. He is currently working on transforming his doctoral dissertation on environmental legislation and conflicts in Fascist Italy into a book.